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As part of our drive towards a safer South Africa, Tracker offers SkyTrax – a sophisticated, Internet-based tracking solution designed to protect you and your family, not just your vehicle. Tracker SkyTrax allows you to personally track a vehicle in near real time by simply logging on to the Internet. The precise whereabouts of your loved ones will always be a couple of clicks away. In cases of emergency call Tracker SkyTrax on 0800 13 23 23 and the Secure Operating Centre will assist you. For roadside or medical assistance press your assist button.

Tracker SkyTrax utilises cutting-edge technology to provide individuals and businesses with the widest range of specialised tracking solutions and value added services. Tracker SkyTrax is approved by major insurers and motor manufacturers with capabilities in neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Swaziland and Mozambique. All SIM contracts linked to our tracking units have been RICA approved. Please click here for confirmation letters from MTN and Vodacom.

SkyTrax Benefits

  • Determines the precise location of vehicles at all times via the Internet.
  • Automated unit health checks.
  • Manage vehicle trips remotely and in near real-time via the Internet.
  • The solution is enabled by GSM and GPS technology.
  • Fixed monthly communication costs.
  • Upon request, technology allows for roaming if the vehicle travels outside South Africa.
  • SMS Position Request.

How Does it Work?

With its many advanced product features, Tracker SkyTrax is specifically designed with you and your family as its top priority.

  • Tracker SkyTrax is always active as it communicates with our Secure Operating Centre every two to five minutes. In the event of an emergency, the reporting frequency of the device can be increased.
  • Tracker SkyTrax operates with Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) technology, which means that we can locate your vehicle within an accuracy range of just five meters.
  • Tracker SkyTrax automatically provides an advance warning notification to Tracker’s Secure Operating Centre if the vehicle moves with the ignition off or if the power supply to the device is interrupted.
  • Tracker SkyTrax comes with an assist button that allows you to immediately activate the SkyTrax Emergency support services in the event of an emergency.
  • Tracker SkyTrax is web based so you or your family can locate your vehicle online, any time you want, at no additional cost.
  • Tracker SkyTrax provides a report on your vehicle trips, a valuable tool for motor insurance, business mileage claims and tax returns.
  • SMS Position Request (SPR) allows you to request and receive the latest position and status of your vehicles through your cellular phone at any time of the day.

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