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 Tracker Retrieve is the world’s most successful stolen vehicle recovery and vehicle tracking device. It is an easy to use and cost-effective solution whereby you notify us if your vehicle has been stolen. With a simple phone call to Tracker’s 24-hour National Secure Operating Centre (0800 13 23 23), you set into action a chain of events which will more than likely result in the return of your stolen vehicle.

Monthly Premium - R99.00 per month 

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As part of our drive towards a safer South Africa, Tracker offers SkyTrax – a sophisticated, Internet-based tracking solution designed to protect you and your family, not just your vehicle.

Tracker SkyTrax allows you to personally track a vehicle in near real time by simply logging on to the Internet. The precise whereabouts of your loved ones will always be a couple of clicks away. In cases of emergency call Tracker SkyTrax on 0800 13 23 23 and the Secure Operating Centre will assist you. For roadside or medical assistance press your assist button.

Monthly Premium - R 215.00 per month

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In addition to the tracking capabilities of Tracker Retrieve, Tracker Alert offers you further peace of mind: It is live vehicle tracking that will keep a watchful eye over your parked vehicle. With the latest motion-sensing technology, Tracker Alert can activate Tracker’s extensive recovery arsenal if your vehicle moves in an ‘armed’ state.

Monthly Premium - R 179.00 per month

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