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Engaging the reverse gear activates the electronic control unit. At the same time this creates a protective zone around the bumper. An acoustic signal is emitted when any obstacle comes into the controlled area behind the car. The warning beeps get faster as the distance to the obstacle is reduced - so that a collision can be avoided.

The EPS4000-T can be programmed at point of fit to accommodate vehicles that have a stationary object in front

of the bumper/fender, like a tow bar or a spare tyre, so that

it would not activate the signal and would have no influence on the normal operation of the device. The EPS4000-T system can now be fitted to any car and be perfectly colour coded to the vehicles bumper.

The sensor kit consists of an electronic control unit, 4 bumper sensors, a beeper and an optional visual display unit. The electronic control unit is placed in the boot area and it is connected to the vehicle's reverse light with just a 2 wire connection. The advantage of the EPS4000-T system, compared with other systems on the market, is the low cost and the simplicity of fitting the unit. It is very compact and can easily be installed in the bumper/fender.

EPS4000-T System features:

  • Up to 1.6m range
  • Ultrasonic sensor technology
  • OEM look bumber sensors
  • Adjustable volume warning beeper
  • Just 2 wire connection
  • Install to metal or plastic bumpers
  • Easily installed in bumper